LEATHERWOLF – ‘Thunder (MMXXII)’ video & digital single available!

Leatherwolf Thunder Cover Art

Check it out! We have released a brand new video and single for ‘Thunder (MMXXII)’, a remake of the 1989 ‘Street Ready’ classic, previously available on the Japanese ‘Kill The Hunted’ CD only.

The ‘Thunder (MMXXII)’ video and single are now online in advance of the forthcoming ‘Kill The Hunted’ vinyl release. 

Sez Dean: “‘Thunder’ has always been a strong fan favorite and a song that’s been a mainstay in our setlist over the years. Once we started putting together the ‘Kill The Hunted’ album, we knew we’d likely need an extra track or two for different editions. That’s when the idea arose to re-record a few of the old songs, including ‘Thunder’, with the new band. You know, as much as I like the original versions, I was always curious what they would sound like with today’s sonic possibilities. And I think the result speaks for itself – the new ‘Thunder’ is sounding so much more metal! Keith (Adamiak) is killing it on vocals and giving it that extra edge, Rob (Math) is on fire, and Joel (Hoekstra) put down an amazing guest solo which Luke (Man) will be playing live. So far, ‘Thunder (MMXXII)’ has only been available as a bonus track on the Japanese ‘Kill The Hunted’ CD so we’re excited to be able to present the track to a wider audience through vinyl and digital.”

You can stream/purchase ‘Thunder (MMXXII)’ on our Bandcamp https://leatherwolfmetal.bandcamp.com/track/thunder-mmxxii and all digital platforms worldwide.

The ‘Thunder (XXMMII)’ video was recently shot at a West Los Angeles facility, helmed by award winning Spanish director Eric Boadella of Nlight Productions whose credits include L.A.Guns, Black Swan, and Revolution Saints.