Leatherwolf Update

Hey everyone:

We just wanted to set the record straight regarding a statement/press release that’s been put out there announcing a new LEATHERWOLF studio album featuring former LW members Carey Howe, Geoff Gayer and Wade Black. Whatever Carey, Geoff and Wade are working on – it will NOT be released under the name LEATHERWOLF! The legal rights to the name LEATHERWOLF lie with the line-up featuring original band members Dean Roberts and Michael Olivieri that recently performed on the Monsters of Rock cruise and Keep It True festival in Germany.

It is unfortunate that Carey Howe, the main instigator in all this, is trying to wreak havoc and create the false impression that he, Geoff and Wade are back in LEATHERWOLF, which is not the case. He may have succeeded in hijacking the original LEATHERWOLF Facebook page and YouTube channel but he will not succeed in hijacking the name LEATHERWOLF as well.

We ask you to please only consult this website and the official LEATHERWOLF FB page for any and all news regarding band activities.